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Advances to Pay Legal Fees

Legal advances on your future settlement are often the only way you can keep your legitimate lawsuit going. After being injured, it's very common for people to start running out of money. The other side counts on this, and that's part of why lawsuits run so slowly. The company that wronged you take the maximum amount of time possible to carry through every phase of their lawsuit. And they keep offering to settle with you, but for much less money than you need to cover your losses and injuries.

Taking a settlement, though, sometimes seems like the only way to survive at all. Medical bills pile up, your mortgage and car payments are due, and there's only so much you can do before you start to run out of money. If you were injured at work, workers compensation only covers you to a certain extent, and it can run out. If you were injured elsewhere, well, you might just be out of luck if you can't work. What can you do?

Legal Advances: Cash to Keep Going

There are dozens of companies available who will be happy to advance you the cash you need to continue your lawsuit, instead of giving up. These companies charge hefty fees, either flat rates or monthly interest, to advance you cash, but they also cannot legally expect you to repay your cash advance if you lose your lawsuit. If you've exhausted every other avenue for getting cash, they may be your best, last hope.

There are a few things you should remember before you get a cash advance against your lawsuit. First, be certain to compare costs between different companies. The rates for legal advances vary widely, and what may be a good deal for some lawsuits might turn out to be a very bad bargain for others. Make sure you know what you're getting before you sign a contract.

Though you'll have to pay for it, a cash advance from a lawsuit funding company is sometimes the only way you can continue your lawsuit, and ultimately get a good settlement instead of the offer the company you're suing is trying to give you. Talk to your attorney if you're not certain; he will be able to help you through the process, and will be invaluable when you sign the contract.

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