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Lawsuit Funding Information

When you're injured or you have to seek damages in a court case, sometimes you don't have the funding to pursue your lawsuit without some outside help. If you're in this position, you've probably already exhausted your outside avenues -- mortgaged the house, sold some of your valuables, even borrowed from friends and relatives to keep your lawsuit going. That's not the end. It's not fair for the person or company who harmed you to win the lawsuit just because they have more money than you do; instead of letting this happen, go after them.

How? By looking for lawsuit funding outside the normal channels. Pre-settlement funding can be found in the form of non-recourse cash advances -- if you don't win your lawsuit, you don't have to pay back the money. However, you have to face the fact that because the company providing pre-settlement funding is, in essence, betting you'll win your case, they expect a significant fee in exchange for providing you with the cash you need. If you have any other way of funding your lawsuit, take it. But if you have exhausted your last avenue, pre-settlement funding can be your final, best chance to remain in the lawsuit.

How To Find Lawsuit Funding

Companies that provide lawsuit funding are generally the same companies that will buy out lump-sum settlements. If you're in a bind for cash, ask your lawyer to help you find them. He's probably prohibited by law to recommend a pre-settlement funding company to you, but he can certainly give you some pointers on how to find one.

You can also go online to seek them out. Because of the nature of their business, most lawsuit funding companies find most of their business online or through legal referrals, so you'll find some fairly complete information on how to contact them on the Internet. If you do use this sort of funding to keep your lawsuit going, don't settle for the first company that you find. Instead, compare costs between several companies until you find one that gives you the fairest deal possible.