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Law Groups Offer Advance Payment For Litigation

Personal injury due to negligence or wrongdoing puts many individuals in danger of amassing a huge amount of debt while they can't work. People with valid, meritorious claims might be able to use a litigation advance to alleviate some of their financial burden. This type of cash advance or loan, allows a person to collect a loan amount by basically selling some or all of their settlement amount to a financial group or even a law firm that provides this type of financing. But before accepting this type of offer, it's important to understand what you're getting yourself into.

Hardship often goes hand in hand with personal injury, but in some cases there is something you can do about it. By getting a litigation advance, you can get the money you need to keep yourself and your family out of debt. But you must realize from the start that this is not free money. The money you get from a this type of financing must be paid back through your settlement amount. Depending on how much you receive it make take a small portion or all of your settlement amount to repay it. Careful consideration must be made when deciding to use this form of financing.

Litigation Advance Isn't For Everyone

Some law firms can afford to offer their clients litigation advance payments through the firm itself. In other cases if may be a financial group or legal group that offers this kind of service to litigants. These people understand the insurance industry and examines each case on an individual basis to determine the kind of money that can be financed to a client. The amount can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the presumed settlement amount that you are likely to receive.

Not every case qualifies to receive a litigation advance. Some small cases and those with questionable claims are more likely to be turned down for any cash advances on settlement or award amounts. Most of these groups or firms are not willing to take a chance on cases that may not be meritorious or may be for small amounts. Frivolous cases will almost undoubtedly be turned down. Those lenders that examine each case for eligibility know how to determine which cases have the best chance for a successful outcome. If you are eligible, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your advance and make note of the fees and interest rates associated with your loan amount.

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