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Advance Settlement Cash: Funding Your Future

Future settlement funding is a surprisingly good way to bring equality to the legal table. What if you were a wronged company, strapped for cash, bringing a lawsuit against a larger company? Big companies throw their weight around sometimes -- they don't pay bills. They take the names of things that rightfully belong to you. They interpret contracts generously, taking more than you intended to cede to them.

And they have a big legal staff. Unlike you, scraping to survive, retaining attorneys when you absolutely have to, they have a group of attorneys on retainer on whom they can call whenever they have a legal problem. It's a David and Goliath situation. If you have to sue a large company, no matter how right or wrong you are, you have to pay a small fortune, and then maintain payments to your attorney while the large company drags its feet, trying to wait you out instead of letting you bring the lawsuit to court. And you, unlike a private party, can't hire a lawyer on contingency. What, realistically, can you do?

Finding Future Settlement Funding

Future settlement funding may be a solution to your problem. There are a number of finance companies that will speculate on the quality of your lawsuit, and advance you money based on your needs, the merits of the suit, and how much you can expect to get. This isn't free, of course; companies that provide this sort of funding charge a hefty fee, or charge interest on the money you're advanced. However, it's not a loan; by law, if you lose your lawsuit, the cash advance company cannot recoup their losses. If you lose, so do future settlement funding companies.

If you choose to investigate this sort of funding for your lawsuit, be certain to do plenty of cost comparison. The costs involved in getting advance funding can be very high, but because different companies offer different cost structures, you can save a significant sum of money by taking into consideration whether you're going to be better off with a flat fee or with an interest-based fee. Flat fees are better for long-term lawsuits. Interest-based fees are better for lawsuits that you anticipate being able to finish relatively quickly. When estimating how long your lawsuit will run, though, always estimate high. Even small underestimates can cost you a lot of cash.

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